MARIT, Pien and Loor

22 years ago, Marit moved with her partner and 6-week-old baby Pien to France. In 2003 they ended up at Saint Paul, where she now lives with her daughters Pien and Loor.

Holidayhouses were created in the old buildings and the furnished tents found a shady spot in the pine forest.

Every year we work hard to make everything even better and more beautiful, and again many changes are in the pipeline for this autumn and winter. Fortunately, Marit's friend Jean is there a lot to help with everything besides his work in the Netherlands. The tents have all been recently renewed, they are all on decking and each tent has a water connection.


The surrounding vineyards are still in production but are no longer in Marit's possession. The benefits but not the burdens!


Hubert has been working on the domaine for years. First in the vineyard, but his passion lies with the ancient olive trees, the other fruit trees and the vegetable garden (apples, cherries, pomegranates, pears, apricots, table grapes, tomatoes, peppers, many onions ... etc). Together with his son Reda they maintain the vegetable garden, which in turn provides us with the ingredients and herbs for the table d'hotes and fresh mint for the tea.

He also prunes the Oleanders in time, so that the visitors of Saint Paul are welcomed by a beautiful flower hedge!



The love between the Romanian Mika and the originally Armenian Hervé blossomed in the nightclub of Marseillan Plage. Together they worked hard on their dream and they now own 3 Boulangerie / Patisserie shops in Meze and ensure that delicious, freshly scented bread is delivered every day in the summer. Croissants and Pain au Chocolats but of course also Brioches, Raisin rolls, all kinds of cereal bread and crusty baguettes in all shapes and sizes.


But ..... everyone has a dream and Mika's wish is to start a Patisserie in the Netherlands. With their family name it will work well ... it's Dekker! A very common name in Holland.


Bienvenue au mon petit paradis


"Marit has written two books about her experiences as a Dutchman in the South of France. The problems with the frustrated chauvinistic French authorities and special summer guests are described by her in a very witty way. Hilarious! A must for every guest to read".

- Elsbeth van Rijckevorsel-

Her first book "Jump into the Deep" is about moving to France and the first years on "La Borio" and the move to Saint Paul. It is only available at the Domaine. You can order the sequel "De Achteruitrijdogel" here via

Both books give a good idea of what it is like to give up everything and go for the unknown. No relaxed life with a glass of wine under the olive tree, but non-stop hard work for an uncertain existence.

In a personal and funny way Marit tells about her experiences with tourists and wine, the French mentality and all the ups and downs. There are many hurdles to overcome, but in the end freedom, adventure and the wonderful climate wins.

Who does not dream of this: changing course in optima forma.