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When you travel to Saint Paul le Marseillais, you also travel to a part of France where you can get everything.


Numerous large and small restaurants in the area, 'food markets' where local producers offer their products for tasting, beach bars where you can choose between a salad or a delicious grilled fish and the many local markets where you can buy the most delicious ingredients. The whole region is known for its fishing and oyster and mussel farming.



"Our" department - the Herault -, is number 34 and named after the river Herault that flows through it. The department of the Herault is part of the Region Occitanie. Here, you are also in the most extensive wine region of France.


Large wine houses like Paul Mas but also small wine farmers where you can taste the wine directly from the barrels, it is all here.


We have are different wines on the menu and of course, you can also visit a wine domain yourself for a tour or a picnic.



Table d'hôtes
On the day of arrival in high season, we provide a delicious snack and drink and you do not immediately have to get back in the car to drive to a restaurant or have to cook yourself... After all, it is your holiday! Of course, this is for young and old.



Depending on the season and demand, we provide table d'hôtes once a week. So, just enjoy it!


On our shady, cosy terrace under the mulberry trees (with wifi) or by the pool you can enjoy a latte macchiato, cafe au lait, fresh mint tea (from our own vegetable garden) or a bottle of wine from one of the surrounding vineyards.




Le St Barth Comptoir de degustation ..


On the edge of the lagoon the Thau you can eat oysters and mussels in a wonderful restaurant. It's heaven on earth.. The Tarbouriech family has been growing oysters at this location for 3 generations. Their special, pink oysters are a must: with the help of solar panels, the tides are simulated so that the taste and texture of the oysters is well developed, which has led to a great success. A super place and highly recommended; a stone's throw away.

St Barth Comptoir de degustation huitres


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